Blade Hub
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I used a piece of plywood I had laying around for the blade hub. It was approximately 1.7cm thick. I chose to make the hub itself 24cm in diameter, which fit the blades quite nicely.

A compass works great for marking out the 24cm circle. If you don't have one, use a pencil connected by a string pinned to the middle of the circle.

Not a bad looking circle.

I made a rough cut first with a circular saw, which made things easier in the long run.

For the bulk of the cut, I used a coping saw, which worked really well. A hacksaw would also work in this situation, but would definitely be a little more rough.

Don't worry if the cut isn't perfect. Use a rasp or file to smooth the edges of the hub out. Ultimately, it doesn't matter too much if the hub is pefectly circular.

I used a simple protractor to mark out each 120 degree angle. The leading edge of each blade needs to be aligned with the marks.

The finished hub with one blade attached.

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