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Blades are undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of turbine design, and it's vital to spend some time researching the different options. I researched both wood and PVC blades, and in my experience, wood blades are far superior. On this page are links to instructions for making both types of blade, as well as a hub to bolt the blades to.

This digram shows the basic terminology and shape that the instructions will use. 

If you want the best blades possible, I highly reccomend that you look at the websites listed below. All of them give technical specifications and calculators to help you design blades optimized to your particular needs. There are numerous details to blade design that can really affect performance.

Blade Design Links ~ Good overview ~Excellent site that explains the technical details of designing turbine blades. Also has software for blade design for sale. ~ Another great explanation of the facets of blade-building ~ Online blade calculator

In my designs, I sacrificed a lot of the detail for simplicity of construction. My goal was to build a whole turbine with hand tools, so I was limited a fair deal in what I could construct. I did not feel that this had much of an adverse effect on the performance of my turbines, however.

Wood Blades

PVC Blades

Blade Hub

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