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This page contains many different designs that I ran into while researching my wind tubine designs. I highlighted the ones that were the most help to me, but it never hurts to look through all of them. I also separated the designs into category based upon whether they used an AC approach or a DC approach to power generation. Generally, the AC designs are more sturdy and permanent, while the DC designs are easier to build but not as professional.

AC Designs
 Otherpower- 10ft diamter wind turbine
Excellent step-by-step guide to building a 10ft diameter turbine. Uses a design very similar to Hugh Piggott, but with each part of the design broken down into easy to follow steps. Requires a fair bit in the way of tools, but the resulting turbine will be very solid.

Hugh Piggott's Design
Hugh Piggott is THE man in DIY wind turbines. This site has a full manual describing how to build one of his classic turbine designs.

His personal website is also definitely worth checking out here
And his books can be purchased here
Alton Moore's Wind Power Page
Great run-through of the whole process. Not as many pictures as other plans, but more technical details and theoretical background, which is nice.
Other AC Designs:
http://www.otherpower.com/wardalt.html ~Uses a brake drum, pretty interesting.
http://www.fieldlines.com/index.php/topic,130033.html ~Another good example of the Piggott design
http://www.ki4u.com/webpal/b_recovery/3_alternate_energy/electricity/all_low_rpm/wood103.pdf ~All wood design

DC Designs
Mike Davis's DC Wind Turbine
Very good and thorough guide to building a DC battery-charging wind turbine from scratch. Uses an ametek dc motor for the generator, which is a common approach. Excellent place to start if you aren't familiar with wind turbines or generators.
$150 Backyard Wind Turbine
A DC turbine that was built using a backyard approach similar to mine. Good step-by-step instructions!
Other DC Designs
http://www.instructables.com/id/wind-powered-ametek-30-wind-generator/ ~Uses two generators on the same tower. Looks really cool.
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