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These are links to sites that I have found helpful during my project.

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General Info - Tremendously helpful. Features multiple designs and a host of excellent resources. ~ The website of Hugh Piggott, who is probably the most respected and well-known builder of DIY wind turbines. ~ Great resource for a variety of designs and kits. ~ General info on DIY power systems of all types - A good overview of the elements needed for a full off-grid power system ~ This website is maintained by Paul Gipe, who has written several books about wind energy ~ This is a "users manual" to maintenance of wind turbines.

Micro Wind Power Companies ~ Home of Southwest windpower, which makes several popular commercial turbines, including the Air X. ~ Bergey windpower, which makes turbines from ~1kW to 10kW ~British based company, produces turbines on the smaller side. ~ sells bike generators and DC motors suited for wind ~ More of a DIY kit

Blades - General ~ Good overview ~Excellent site that explains the technical details of designing turbine blades. Also has software for blade design for sale. ~ Another great explanation of the facets of blade-building ~ Online blade calculator

Blades - Wood ~ The best site I've seen on how to build blades ~ Blades with a chainsaw!

Blades - PVC


Magnet Suppliers  ~In my experience, this was the cheapest place to find magnets ~ Superb variety

Magnet Strength ~ Table comparing the relative strength of different grades of neodymium magnets
~ Table comparing surface magnetic fields for different shapes of magnets ~ Calculator for magnetic field given magnet size and distance. Incredibly useful!

Alternators/Generators ~ Comparison of Ametek DC motors, which are known to be good for wind appilcations ~Air Core Alternator ~Great description of different wiring types ~ Comparison of different types of motors

Dump Loads ~ DIY dump load

Motor Arbor ~ DIY motor arbor


Measuring RPM ~ Uses a cycle computer to measure RPM.

Grid Tie Inverters ~  This is the only small-scale grid-tie inverter I could find that is UL certified. It looks like it is meant for solar, but theoretically would also work with wind.

General Parts ~ Pretty useful collection of parts. They also have an ebay store. ~ It's really useful. Believe me.


Windspeed maps

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